Mark Your Calendar: Upcoming Events!

Our next potluck will be Thursday, January 21 at 6 PM at the YES Biz Office (26 South Main St., Orange, a wheelchair accessible location). Snow date: Thurs., Jan 28. Please bring a dish to share -- if you're a member, you'll earn one Time Dollar for doing so! Time Bank potlucks are a fun, festive way to beat back the winter doldrums, get warm, eat delicious food, meet your neighbors, and be involved in local community! FMI: Amber at or 978-544-1869.

Note: In an effort to be more inclusive of all members of our community, the Time Bank requests that people attending the potluck, and all NQTB events, try to refrain from wearing fragrances so that those with allergies and chemical sensitivities will be able to attend. We understand it takes time to change habits -- we still want YOU to come! Thank you! For questions on this issue, contact Sharon at or 413-512-1325.

What's in the Works? Glad You Asked!

- February Pet-Care Meet, Greet & Treat! A potluck and schmoozer for those providing pet-care services and those seeking them to get to know each other. Fabulous prizes and food for people and pets. Our December Pets n' People Potluck featured a small but enthusiastic turnout. It turned out many who wanted to make it couldn't come. So, by popular demand, we're bringing it back. It will once again feature food you bring for people and pets. (The “Cake for Good Dogs” was a hit among canines, though the people who sampled it thought it really was for the dogs). We're looking for an Athol locale (ideally, where well-mannered pets would be welcomed); if you have location ideas, please contact Amber at or 978-544-1869. Fabulous prizes will be offered! You wanna come? Do ya? Huh? OK: Ready? Come! Sit! Stay! Enjoy!

- March Childcare Meet, Greet, & Eat! A potluck in Wendell for those offering or seeking childcare services to meet each other, build trust, schmooze, and enjoy delicious food. Some of our members have said they'd be more eager to respond to babysitting offers if they met and got to know those caring for their kids, so this will be a great community-building and networking opportunity, as well as a good time.
- Are you interested in the Time Bank holding a spring cleaning e-cycling event? This would be a way for our community to keep those old printers, lamps, and cell phones out of the landfill! The TB is considering organizing an event that would allow everyone to bring their discarded electric goods to be recycled or reused. In addition to being green, this might also help the Time Bank and YES. If you think it's a good idea and would like to help, contact Betsy at or 413-512-1325.