What's next?

Over 25 TimeBank hours have been recorded in the last thirty days!

NQTIMEBANK is recruiting members!

Spring is coming - THINK SPRING... and many members offer and request garden help, clean-outs, tag sale assistance, and more in the Spring. If you can recruit members or become a member yourself in the Spring, you will be given a Bonus (1 time Dollar) for your efforts! The more members there are, the more opportunities we have as members for great exchanges! Need fliers or information for your organization or friends - let Amber know and she can get them to you!

NQTIMEBANK is looking for Coordinators!

Currently, Laurie of Wendell and Amber of Orange are the VOLUNTEER Coordinators for the NQTimebank. If anyone is interested in becoming a coordinator in your town or community, please contact Amber in Orange for details. You will earn TimeDollars for your service and can choose to spend them however you want!

NQTIMEBANK is looking for CASH!

Currently, The NQTimeBank needs to renew its website and pay it's yearly dues. In previous years, we have sold bags of coffee, donated seeds and asked for donations to cover these costs. If anyone is interested in working to organize a fundraiser or can make a donation, please contact Amber in Orange for details.

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